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The Roundup of Interviews: RE Resurrectionist of Caligo

With The Resurrectionist of Caligo now officially out in the world and fending for itself, we've been lucky enough to do a number of interviews where we talk about ourselves, our writing process, and how we went about creating our lovely, little novel.

We chatted with The Qwillery about our first forays into fiction writing, the challenges of writing together, and the research we did on the novel.

We had a chance to talk reality warping into a D&D style party, writing advice, and under-appreciated books with Fantasy Hive.

We waxed poetic about "My Favorite Bit" on the eminent Mary Robinette Kowal's web site.

Lynn's Book Blog was nice enough to feature an interview with us discussing everything from the logistics of our writing process together to our personal writing journeys.

Lastly, we had a great time re-contextualizing our book in two blogs as part of The Campaign for the American Reader Network:

"My Book, The Movie", where we had a chance to cast our characters for their fictional big screen debut.


"The Page 69 Test", where we discovered our pg. 69 may be woefully slim but our thoughts on it are not.

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